Below is a banner image that I constructed using Adobe Photoshop.

With the above is a banner image I used pictures of my pets and used Adobe Photoshop’s magnetic cropping tool to separate the image of the cats from the backgrounds and copy pasted the remaining image into this banner.

I used Photoshop’s filters for glow and for recessed embossing with the lettering and played with the color filtering for both my name and the humorous logo I used here.

The image of the tabby point Siamese cat on the far right hand side was facing the wrong way originally so I inverted the image and rotated it so that it faced the way I wanted it to in this banner as a counter point to the grey and black tabby on the far left hand side.

I then used the resizing tool to shrink the images of both my orange tabby and my tuxedo tabby in the middle of the banner image.  I intentionally kept the background color flat as a counterpoint to the colors and details of the lettering and the cat images.  I determined that if I used to much pattern in the background image that it would detract from the effectiveness of the other patterns where I wanted the eye to follow.

Even though this image is a bit more whimsical it does show some of the skills I learned in Spring 2012 ITEC 3650 course.  I appreciate the time and patience that Professor Thomas Wallace displayed in teaching this material to us.