In 2009 I drafted the publisher document which is the digital version of the UALR BSW Graduation Certificate that we use each year for the students who graduate from the Undergraduate School of Social Work Program.   The following is a screen shot of this document and of the publisher program menus available to me.

It’s been a little while since I made this document, so forgive me, I don’t remember if I started from a template from or if I just started playing with shapes and lines.  I do remember that it was a trial and error process and I ended up drafting five or six variants before I came up with this one that both I liked and my boss approved.

I remember copy and pasting the border line graphic and manipulating the sizing of it to fit inside the colorful squares.  I think I worked on the colorful squares too, I just don’t at the moment remember what I did with them other than trying to make sure that it was an alternating pattern and not being able to get it to work all the way around the border quite properly and leaving one side double red and the opposite side double grey.

The above screen shot is of an older version that we used to use when the department was smaller and we only had three faculty in the department and we have grown to five full time faculty members now.   In this previous version you can see the UALR Logo and the Star logo for the BSW Department we used to use.  I used the resizing tool to make sure that both logos were the same size in respect to each other and fit well into the white space next to the signature lines for the faculty.

I really enjoyed working on building this template and how well it has worked out for our department over the years.  It’s nice to see something that I created used as a standard form document for the department like this.