Recently I had the pleasure of helping a couple of colleagues of mine with using the Concatenate formula in excel to clean up a list of mailing addresses in preparation for using those mailing addresses for a mail merge in MS-Word.  I can show you the steps I used to do the mail merge, but the I can’t show you the actual mailing addresses because that is confidential information.

The above screenshot is a step one of the mail merge process in MS-Word 2010 for mailing labels.  We choose our what type of mailing labels we have and what type of printer we are using to print from.

The above screen shot shows the results of selecting the update labels option, which gives us the “next record” command in the labels.

Since we had started with an existing list of mailing addresses in MS-Excel we would then choose the “Using Existing List” option from the Select Recipients menu. It then gives you the opportunity to browse your computer or flash/thumb drive for the corresponding document that you are using as your main document to pull the addresses from.  I would show you this part, but it shows some of the confidential information that I am not at liberty to disclose.  After you have selected the appropriate file, then it gives the following option.

As you can see from the above screen shot the document we chose is indicated by the tab heading we chose in this case that is “Mailing Labels”.  If you used the first row as your header row, make sure that this option has been checked and press ok.  Then select Address Block to select the manner you wish for your addresses to appear.  Such as Mr. First Name Last Name, or just First Name and Last Name.

The option to insert postal address and to format the address according to the destination of the country or region is available here.  If your address label does not appear correctly in the preview screen you should check the option to match fields which will give you the option to select the First Name, Last Name, Street, City, State and Zip code column fields.  If all is well, then simply select ok.

Once you have completed this much, you will see “Address Block” on your first label, you’ll want to copy paste that to all of your labels, making sure to leave “Next Record” after “Address Block” so that MS-Word knows to go to the next record and print that one too. To finish your mail merge, simply choose “Finish and Merge” and to further insure that your labels will print correctly choose the option to “Edit Individual Documents” which will then show you how your labels will look before you spend the ink to print them.

I use this method for working with mailing labels anytime we have a large mail out to do.
I hope that it proves informative and helpful to you as well.