Java Script

Javascript is a very powerful tool that is brilliant when used correctly and a holy terror when used incorrectly or otherwise abused mercilessly.  Below is a screen shot of very important information, when you borrow someone else’s code make sure that you give them credit for the original work.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just give the grateful knod to your friends in the field who have done the groundwork for you so that you’re free enough to make modifications as you need to make the code work the way you need it to for your specific application.   I love open source technology specifically for that reason, but you must always show where you get the original idea from if you don’t do all of the coding yourself from scratch.

The above illustrates the thank you to Brian Gosselin at for doing the base coding for the Basic Calendar that I use just under my navigation pane on my online portfolio which can be found in operation at .

The above is a screen shot of the actual javascript code that Brian Gosselin was wonderful enough to provide to the online world through open source technology practices.  This shows just how much work is actually involved in coding, and this is a relatively simple design, more complex designs require far more complex coding structures than this.

Like most things on the web, code by itself is not enough to get it to look right.  The above screen shot illustrates the .css or Cascading Style Sheet coding for the Basic Calendar that Brian Gosselin so magnanimously coded.  It shows the basic layout of how we want the calendar to look on my portfolio.

I’m very grateful that Professor Thomas Wallace showed us how javascript works and how best to utilize it.  He goes into this in more detail on his website that can be found at .