Resume Reflection

With regard to proximity, I figured out how to move the bullet text closer to the bullet points so that they do not seem so distant and to minimize empty white space.  I also used proximity to unite my key points in concise groupings easy for the eye to recognize as cohesive and related to each other.

I used contrast between the font size and san-serif font type for my name and headings and contrasted it with a smaller font size and a serif font type for my body text.  I also included separation lines to further divide my one page resume into Education, Experience and Computer Skills sections.  I then bolded key terms such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Aps, BANNER, WordPress (CMS) and Google Calendar to draw the scanning eye’s attention to these programs that I have experience utilizing.

I used a center alignment for my name, and a left alignment for my headings with a slight indentation for the body text of each sub-heading so that they eye flows smoothly from my name to the text describing my relevant work experience and education.

I appreciate how we discussed the use of different font types such as Book Antiqua for the body and Cambria for the headings.  I also appreciate hearing about the other alternative font styles of Century Old Style for the Name and Headings, and Verdana for the body text over the old standard for academic writing of Times New Roman.