I used Adobe Dreamweaver to create the web pages of my first portfolio, which can be found at

Professor Thomas Wallace did an excellent job instructing the Lime Class on how to understand and utilize Adobe Dreamweaver in the process of building and maintaining XHTML and HTML based websites. He did touch on briefly that it is also possible to use Adobe Dreamweaver to control PHP and other types of websites as well.

I used Adobe Dreamweaver to build and maintain my IT Minor Porfolio online, which was a skill we all learned in class and I appreciate being able to put to practice in this manner.

Why I made the style choices I did.

I chose the puzzle piece banner image because it seemed apt and applicable to business management and especially to the role of web site administrator. One has a lot of different pieces to put together in a clear, concise, effective and meaningful way. I chose my overall site color scheme off the colors in the banner image.

Since red seems to draw the most attention, I chose to utilize that to add subtle emphasis to my portfolio’s navigation menu. I then chose yellow for the Subheadings because it seemed to draw slightly less emphasis and looked good to my sense of aesthetics against the blue background. I then used the green as a content background to add further contrast between the navigation and the menu structure and used a shade of grey for the overall background image. I liked the subtle bluish-white color for the text which I chose to leave as standard black for familiarity reasons for my readers.